The Best Gifts You Can Give to Your Children

These are gifts that really matter to your kids and something that brings about a positive impact and adds immense value & happiness to their lives.

  1. A Smile!! πŸ™‚ , when they first see you upon waking up, is the best gift you can give your children effortlessly, every day
  2. Taking off your sunglasses when talking to your children
  3. Talking to them as if they were much older than their age
  4. Giving them respect. For example if someone else interrupts you while your children are already talking to you, request the other person to wait & let your child finish what they were saying…just as you would do if your kid interrupted you while talking to someone
  5. Jump, dance, sing, take your daughter out if she wants, even after a long tiring day at work
  6. Not answering all their questions for them
  7. Letting your kids face harmless ramifications for small reckless actions
  8. Not helping them with every small thing like getting the ball from under the sofa or helping them get on their footwear every time
  9. Educate them on Money & how it works
  10. Not losing your temper if it’s 11.30 pm, you’re tired from a crazy day at work & your child breaks a big glass bottle of perfume while running around the house with it
  11. Get them hooked to a healthy lifestyle by letting them observe you taking the time out to exercise
  12. Time.. More much Time as you can spend with them
  13. Saying ” I Love You” as often as you can.. You do! So why not freely express it!
  14. Never insulting your children by cracking a joke on them (at least till they’re mature enough to take one without getting affected..then crack away of course! )
  15. Being positive & upbeat around your children

Small one for now. A lot more to come.

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