A Simple Amazingly Awesome Day

Had the most Amazingly Awesome Happy Chilled Out day today.. First, it was a bank holiday so , a midweek day off from work! Started off by hitting the gym at 6.45 instead of 6 and got time to workout peacefully without the ” finish your workout fast , you have to go home, get ready and leave for work” thought at the back of my mind… So worked the Back muscles today.. then did some cardio as well and wrapped up the workout with some good stretching. All in all spent close to 1 hr 45 mins in the gym instead of the usual 35-50. This was followed by a healthy fulfilling breakfast with Parents, Kirti and Tviesha . Already in ” What an amazing start to the day” zone.
Then got out for some work with Kirti and Tviesha.. got done with the work and met a friend.. had a lovely home cooked north Indian meal ..fun time.
Drove back home late afternoon .. reached home around 3/3.30 if I remember correctly..was super sleepy by then .. Tviesha slept around 4.. Completely Heady by now after the super morning workout, outdoor chores and the lunch,Β  slept right next to her holding her and dozed off.
At around 6.30 pm my eyes opened. Wanting to sleep more , but was relatively fresh by now and not too sleepy. Being Summers, the sky was still bright and blue outside.. This avoided the drowsy/lazy feeling you get after you sleep late afternoon and wakeup early evening..
As I lay there in Bed , thinking ” I should ideally get up before it gets dark” , was further awakened by chirpy laughter filled sounds of ” Paapaa” called out by Tviesha .. The cutest thing was as she came into the room laughing and shouting Paa Paa.. her voice modulated with each running step she took ..Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!
After being woken up by Tviesha, I could hear playful chatter in the other room where Kirti was chilling with Mom & Dad. As I just enjoyed eavesdropping on the chatter was again greeted with Tviesha running towards me with ” Paa Paa Paa Paa” this time trying to get me out of bed by using all her might to lift me up from my shoulders to actually physically get me out of Bed.. another failed attempt..I could then hear Tviesha going to Kirti and saying “Pappaaa”.. Kirti replied ” Papa is asleep” . Kirti didn’t know I was awake and this was Tviesha’s attempt to get Kirti near me and help her get me out of Bed! πŸ˜€ ..
I could again hear her running towards me and this time she came close to me and in an attempt to get me out of Bed, grabbed me by the nose & twisted it .. the I knew , I had to get out of Bed :D.
Walked into the other room into the pleasant chatter.. Tviesha chilling with everyone.. Tviesha Pointed to the guitar demanding a song. Strummed a couple of songs.. Soon it was Mom Dad’s time to leave to catch a movie.
Kirti made the most amazing Chaay for all of us. It was madness!!
Then took Tviesha out for a Drive. Stopped at a couple of Fountains on the way. Got the Car tank full. Got Tviesha out of the car at the Petrol Pump and explained the Process of filling the Petrol and all the components of the Fuel Station and the Pump etc. She handed over & collected the card for payment. Was intently listening to all the explanations.
Next stop, Laundry . I had to give a couple of shirts for washing. again, new experiences and new explanations for her from my side.
Reached home ,Kirti was eagerly waiting for us to get back home and was missing us ( Read Tviesha ). Tviesha was hungry by now . Kirti fed her. It was lovely to watch Kirti feed Tviesha and Tviesha enjoying Dinner time with her Mom.
Kirti was in the mood for Chinese takeaway so she ordered Chinese Food. I was in the mood to have something that I wanted to have since yesterday at home but couldn’t due to ordering other food :P.
So finally today, got to eating Yellow Khichdi, with Aloo-Pyaaz Rassey wala Subzi, with Kairi ( Raw Mango) Subzi and Fried Dahi ki Mirch/ Chaas wala Mirchi. What a yummy Dinner.. Ate to my heart’s content without bothering if I’m overeating.
Kirti’s Chinese still hadn’t reached & now Tviesha was still playful and not so sleepy yet. Played with Tviesha ..ran all over the place.. after a while of which she got Sleepy & Slept.
Kirti’s chinese food arrived by then. Took a couple of bites from her as well because how can you not take a bite of Chinese takeaway :D.
All in all a simple, beautiful , happy day ..made some lovely memories . Thanked the Universe for this amazing day and asked for many more such lovely days in the times to come.
Kirti and Tviesha are Asleep and I am waiting to get into Bed next to them & drift away only to be woken up by Tviesha in a couple of hours πŸ˜€ .. Love those moments too πŸ˜€ .
That’s all for now!
Dad So Kool
Fearless, Committed, Evolved & Involved

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