Amusing Lifestyle Changes Guaranteed Post Parenthood

There’s going to be some serious Lifestyle changes happening once you bring a Baby into this world. Trying to list down a few for your ready reference & convenience 😛 .

1. You are always going to be late for any Event/Function/Dinner/Gathering : All your stories are going to start with an embarrassed smile , saying ” So we were just about to leave and …. the baby…” ..Very recently we missed a close relative’s Wedding Rituals while we were staying at the Hotel ,which was the Venue for the wedding!! Why, you ask? ” So were just about to leave ..and the Baby….” Hahahahahaha…   That’s correct. You are going to be perpetually late for everything and the sooner you accept it the better. The sooner you digest this fact , the longer you’ll live cuz then it won’t shoot your Blood Pressure through the roof or give you palpitations every time it happens. I do not know the time frame for this, but I’m pretty sure at least till your baby, is 5, 7 , perhaps 10 years old?  Experienced parents ? What are your thoughts on the time frame? .  Not only do you need to accept this, but You have to inform & make your Friends & Family accept this as well.
Solution: Send a Bulk email/ Whatsapp to your close Friends & Family stating “I hereby declare that for the next 5-7-10 years , you may expect our tardy arrival at all the gatherings & events for which we are cordially invited.  If , for any event, we arrive On or Before time , the same must not be held against us and be used as an instance to pressurize us to adhere to the schedule in subsequent gatherings. Any arrival on or before time is purely co-incidental & must not be interpreted as our capability & ability of arriving on time”

2. You will need an external Hard disk or a phone with a much larger inbuilt memory : What seemed like “Enough Space”  for the last 3 years & may be once you needed to delete your cache or unwanted apps is going to change into perpetual Low Memory message when you Open your camera App. And believe me, you do not want to miss out on capturing these beautiful moments. So , either buy a Phone with a larger memory or get an external Hard disk for data storage if you don’t have one already.

3. You will have to schedule what You absolutely Want to do & only those things are going to get done: You have another Human being to cater to & take care of. So that’s always going to be your life’s priority now . Sorry, you should’ve thought about this before making one. 😛 .This translates into a lot of your regular awake time being devoted to your Baby & Family. This means , you will have to meticulously plan & schedule for what you really really really want to do & let go of a lot of things that you weren’t particularly super excited about . Like , my workouts. I know I need to workout & I want to workout. What earlier took my prime time in the evenings (8 pm to 9 pm) is now replaced with 6 am to 6:45 am thrice a week. ( Read more on Getting back to Fitness after Parenthood here) . Tviesha & Kirti are usually asleep at this time . So I don’t miss out on prime time with either of them. But this also means I need to sleep in early on days that I want to workout the next morning. In a nutshell You will have to struggle to schedule a time , outside of your Prime time , for the activities that you could earlier easily catch up on , in your prime time.

4. You are going to worry a lot: What if my baby falls in love with & wants to marry an Alien?  Hahahaha.. don’t know where that came from…But , Yes, you are going to worry about a lot of things including .. Am I doing my best for my baby? for Physical development? For Emotional development? For Brain development? For Social Skills ? For sense of humor ? For Biceps & Triceps ?  ok that’s taking it a bit too far.. but the list of self doubts is going to be never ending. So, You are going to spend a lot of your waking hours worrying . Hence, the sooner you learn to cope with it , the more Fun you’ll have in your parenthood journey. So , Know & believe that everything will be just fine and your kid will be absolutely alright !! Instead Focus on Where & How you can add value in your kid’s life in his/her journey as he/she grows up.

That’s all I’ve got for now… See you around.

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