The Dad So Kool Story

Hey! Thanks for Stopping by .. Bhushan here, from Mumbai India- an Investment Banker by Profession. This pays the Bills for now , but at Heart I am a Full time Stay at home Dad who enjoys Observing People and Mimicking them  and Oh Yeah! Listening to & Playing Music. Investment Banking fills my Pockets and Everything Creative I do on the Side, Fills my Heart. I am also obsessed with figuring out an Overlap of the Heart and the Pocket here! Hopefully Soon enough! I know I’ll get there.
Now let me tell you how DAD SO KOOL started. It all began after our Dearest Sweetest Darling Super Baby Girl ,Tviesha …was Born on 15th Dec, 2017 ( No amount of adjectives will be suffice here.. Yes, I’m an excessively Proud Dad ). Right after Tviesha was Born I decided to be the most Awesome Dad on the Planet & be the Best version of Myself ever , as a Husband. Not that I was a bad Husband before becoming a Dad .. I think, my Super Cool Wife, Kirti will agree here ( I hope so ). And I understood very early on , that the only way to happily travel the Parenthood Journey , is to HAVE FUN doing it ..I did the same after Marriage as well… Kirti & I were dating each other since we were 15 !! We were Kids back then!! . We’ve come a long way together now , having spent more than Half our Lives together  .. We are where we are today and Loving every Moment of it , only because We had Loads and Loads and 900 Boat Loads of Fun all these years , all along the way.
And So, there I was all of 31 with our Lovely Daughter in my arms ( So lucky & Blessed to have a daughter ) as I made Decision that I live by everyday ever since : I REFUSE TO HAVE A BORING FATHERHOOD!! I WILL BE …. “DAD SO KOOL”.. For Life!! No turning back!
So What and Who exactly is “DAD SO KOOL” , you ask?
DAD SO KOOL represents Me & the Gang of all the Dads that are Fearless, Committed, Evolved and Involved in their Fatherhood Journey.
And Here’s what we DAD SO KOOLs Live by:
  1. We understand the importance of Presence over Presents
  2. We prioritize Baby time over Beer with Buddies at the Pub
  3. We do our best to create a beautiful Childhood for our Children and take care of our Family
  4. We entertain our Kids. We Play music, Read to them, Become Animals of their choice and even put on Make up if that’s what it takes
  5. We’re up at night to take care of the baby and Shush them back to sleep or keep the Mom Company while she feeds the baby at odd hours
  6. We prioritize Kids and Family time
  7. We Cook for the Moms and Children
  8. We give Personal Health & Fitness a Priority
  9. We’re Cool and Calm , well, most times
  10. We do anything and everything within our means to keep our Wife & Kids Happy! That’s all that matters !
  11. We give life to our Passions, be it Music , Photography , Gardening or even Extreme Ironing ( yes, It’s a thing)
  12. We’re Committed to our Wife, Kids and Family
  13. We’re Fearless & trust Ourselves on our Parenting choices
I am Documenting my Journey through DAD SO KOOL to help me share my thoughts and Experiences with All you Parents out there. It’s also going to be Super Fun to have a timeline and record to look back and smile upon , as the years go by. The DAD SO KOOL Instagram Feed , I believe , is going to be one of Tviesha’s best and most cherished Gifts that She’ll receive from us in the times to come, as she Grows up!
So Follow Me & Join the Gang , on this Awesome DAD SO KOOL Journey!!
See You Around.
Bhushan Danani
Dad So Kool
Fearless, Committed , Evolved & Involved.

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