The Dalai Lama on Fitness and Where You can Find Happiness

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, said:

“Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

I am only 32 years old & not a very wise guy , but I fully understand that the biggest joy in life is the feeling of being Fit, Being healthy & other things discussed in this post, Being able to physically do whatever you want & having your body to support You in whatever you want to do.

This means not having nagging aches & pains that do not allow you to Jump, Bend , Squat, Bungee Jump, Sky Dive, Deep Sea Dive, Ride a roller coaster whenever you want to..This means being able to eat whatever you want when you feel like it without worrying about your Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure etc. This means not being physically dependent on ANYBODY but your own BODY for everything you need to do.

Also know, that the way Modern Medicine is advancing & with Healthcare technology that’ll be available in a few years from now, I am going to live to be at-least 90-100-120 may be.

I also know that eventually ageing is an unstoppable process & I will age one day too . But we have plenty of examples of our Grand Fathers, Grand Mothers , Great Grand Fathers & Great Grand Mothers having heroic strength of carrying their own luggage even when they were old, not requiring a stick to walk till their last breath, not having diabetes , blood pressure issues etc. well in their 70s & 80s.

If their bodies were so robust & healthy in their old age, one can only imagine the fury of their bodies in the peak of their health. I am sure they didn’t have body aches & body pains & heart diseases and backaches in their 30s/40s/50s.

Today I see live examples of people in their 30s with heart disease, back issues, spondylitis , Diabetes and a whole lot of other issues.

The problem is not JUST us, it’s the society as well.. The society (including You & I ) today judges people,  by the following:

  1. Your Job : The bigger & better company you work with , the smarter & “looked up to” you are
  2. Your Salary: Your Monthly Large Credit Alert in your salary Account is a big factor in Relationships/Marriages
  3. Your Designation the way up: Manager/ AVP/ VP/ Director /CEO/MD bah blah blah
ALL OF THE ABOVE , IN 99% OF THE COMPANIES PEOPLE WORK IN, are directly proportional to the amount time for which you are physically seen /present in the company. (OPTICS as it is referred to in today’s Corporate hogwash jargon)
X works more than Y, X will be promoted & paid more , in-spite of Y being 10 times more productive than X.
Another Issue is the way we are fed with Advertising that brainwashes us into spending our money on frivolous things which are not at all required to be bought.
We have actually started believing that COKE really “Opens Happiness” , ” I m really Lovin’ it (Mc Donalds)”… Dominoes = Khushiyon ki Home Delivery ( Homedelivering Happiness)   .. Do you see the  PATTERN here?

Many People are trying sell you stuff that’s not good for , by making you believe that it’s Bringing “Happiness” to you or it itself is Happiness..

Mc Donalds spends a lot of money researching the right combination of SALT SUGAR & FAT to make their food the most addictive & make you crave it even more than you do right now.
Also, in today’s society the respect you get is dependent on the size of the CAR you drive rather than the size of your Heart that keeps you alive & makes others Happy…

This makes you buy the biggest possible car that you can not even afford and you’re stuck with a huge outstanding EMI for the next 5- 7 years. 2 years down the line a good Investment/ Business Opportunity comes your way .. but it involves a certain risk & a bit of Capital to start.. but You can’t do much about it because you have to pay your EMIs on the 5th of every month & hence you don’t even have a decent amount of cash accumulated to start that Business… too Bad…

So society & its beliefs , and Our Beliefs (as both You & I are a part of this society) leads us into thinking the following:

  1. The more I earn & the better my Rank/Designation the Happier I’ll be
  2. The bigger Car /Home or the latest Gadget & the latest most expensive Dress/Shirt/ branded clothes that I buy will make me happy
  3. Junk Food & Soft Drinks and buying other crap Marketed to me with repeated Brainwashing makes me Happy

All of the above are False. While the above may give you momentary Happiness , IT WILL DIE SOON but the EMIs & the ILL HEALTH  will last forever. 

And here’s what you will lose in the bargain to fulfill the above 3 points:

  1. Your Health & Yes, Your Wealth
  2. Time you could have spent with your Parents, Wives ( your respective , I mean, not the plural), Children , Friends or even time you could have spent with yourself
  3. Time you could have spent doing what you love to do

Because the Fact is : Money can buy you COMFORT but not Happiness. If you aren’t happy with What you have today , you’ll not be Happy even when you get what You desire today.

Don’t get me wrong ..I’m not saying that one should not strive to achieve more that what they have …Infact striving for Progress & improving the quality of your life is important…but all this while being grateful & contended with what You have today. Only then your mind will be peaceful to focus on achieving the Next Level.

About Finding Happiness…

Even I don’t know one definite single place where You may find Happiness but here’s a list of places that you might find a good dose of it in your lives:

  1. Spending time with your loved ones
  2. Spending time with your children specifically
  3. Finding a Job you really truly like & enjoy ..or starting that Side Hustle while doing what brings Money on the table for now
  4. Music
  5. Traveling
  6. Standing by certain personal standards & Values you have set for yourself
  7. Writing a Blog post 🙂
  8. Pursuing a Hobby you love
  9. A Good workout
  10. Pampering yourself
  11. Working towards Personal Health & Wellness
  12. Eating Healthy
  13. Sleeping Well
  14. A nice Drive on a good road

Now the catch is… that to enjoy all of the above You need Money … So work towards earning a Shit Load of Money but not at the cost of your Health & things that really make you Happy.

And don’t get so busy making a Living that your Forget LIVING.

I think earning a few LESS Millions is alright if it gives you more time to focus on the things that really make you happy. May be that’s the price you have to pay to be happy. 

For me, Performing Arts is my calling … Building “Dad So Kool” is my calling… writing this Blog is my calling.. and a lot of other things I do to fill my Heart are my callings.. While I pursue all this , I’ll work on making a Boat load of money doing my Job…cuz that’s important too! I am Happy where I am right now but all Fired up at the same time to take my Life to the next level and work on achieving my Dreams.

I know I am nowhere close to my Death bed  (God Bless) but I am absolutely sure, that for somebody who right now IS.. his/her biggest regret is definitely NOT the fact that he/she didn’t make XYZ amount of Money , but really,what he/she did not do with whatever money they had , at a time when they COULD HAVE.

Once again trying to keep it real.

Dad So Kool
Bhushan Danani
Fearless, Committed , Evolved & Involved.

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