Getting back to Fitness after Parenthood

Once you have a kid, It is very easy to go off track when it comes to your Health & Fitness. For the first time in your life, your brain now has a perfectly valid reason to avoid the pain of working out/swimming/running/whatever it is that you otherwise would do , to improve your fitness & wellness levels of life , Pre-Parenthood. After all, “I am a Father now! ..”

Moreover once you are a Father ( Read Parent , referring to Father for myself)  there’s a sudden storm of Responsibilities and Aspirations that  surround you. Apart from Caring for the Baby & the new Mother (of Course!), the list includes the likes of Financial, Social, Professional, Family, Fitness, Spiritual Growth , Travel , Recreation and the list goes on but most additions will be a subset of the above mentioned heads.

And now , in an instant, Post parenthood , what seemed like an eternity to chase these goals & successfully achieve and grow in all the above areas , is suddenly reduced to less than a couple of hours of “free time ” to figure out how to go about chasing what.

So then? How does one go about achieving the goals and chasing one’s dreams in the areas that you want to set yourself out to win at?

“Fatherhood” is no reason for You to ignore your health. If anything you must take care of your health even more than you would , before having the Baby.

Moreover, the LAST thing your Kid wants is to become a hurdle to You in chasing your Fitness, or Life Goals.

As for Fitness, it is very easy to get carried away with the “All or Nothing” approach. Either I will do Strength training thrice a week Mon/Wed/Fri, Cardio Tue/Thu, Yoga on Saturdays and a Cool Swim on Sundays , OR.. OR  I will do Nothing at all.. cuz I don’t have the Time!!

Every Gym, Health club,  Fitness Magazine, Instagram , Facebook & YouTube account out there on “Fitness” is pushing You to live this So called Perfect Fitness regime ..a mix of some/all of Strength, Cardio, Crossfit training , Pilates, Spinning, Functional training and the list goes on…

In all of this , we somehow end up believing  that Any/All your efforts go down the drain if we aren’t “All in”  on everything.

So ,how do you get back to Fitness after Parenthood then? Figure out what works for You & Do it!

Given the Time & Priorities ( Health & Fitness has to be one) in your life, decide, Realistically how many days in a week & how much time you can devote for your Health.

Make THAT your goal.
IF you can workout 2 days a week for 30 mins each .. THAT works for You..THAT is your goal. Decide & stick to it.
If all you an do is Cycle to work..make THAT your goal & stick to it.
If all you can do is Yoga by yourself at home thrice a week for 20 minutes, make THAT your goal & Stick to it.
Even if all you can do is , Take the stairs in your everyday routine, Stick to it!

Because what You Really Need for Results , is Consistency!!

Once you’ve cut through the “Perfect Regime” crap & decided what works for YOU & You’ve made it your goal , You’re immediately out of the “Disappointment Trap” . You now exactly know What you can Best do given the priorities in your life & You’re sticking to it!! You’re being Consistent. That’s way way way better than doing nothing for your health.

Consistency of exercising thrice a week for 3 minutes each, will give you much better results than sporadically following “All or nothing” & being disappointed because you could not sustain that schedule & even if You did manage to sustain it it’ll kill you for not giving time to everything else that needs time in your life.

Of course priorities will be different if You’re an athlete or a Bodybuilder. Then this Disappointment Trap &  Consistency model will apply to other priorities in your life..but the fundamentals remain the same.

Suddenly you’ll free yourself of “Disappointment”  & find more focused time to expand your fitness goals & achieve them.

Personally , for me, as of now , with Baby, Work, Family etc. , the only Slot I see available is 6 am to 6:50 am. I have to be back home by 7 am If I need to leave for work on time.

Also, I am being realistic by choosing 3 days in a week for that slot. I’m not saying it’s easy. I need to wake up by 5 am for this, so I can have my Tea and a light snack to be awake & ready for the workout.

But this works for Me. I’m cool with this routine for myself.

So three days in a week for 50 minutes is 150 Minutes out of 10,080 minutes in a week for one of the most valuable components of my life , my Health/Wellbeing. VERY MUCH DOABLE. Realistic & very productive & beneficial for my Body.

Making a decision & sticking to it will set you free of the Disappointment Trap and take you from Baby steps to Dinosaur steps in no time!!

Wishing you the Best in your Journey!

Dad So Kool
Fearless, Committed, Evolved & Involved!

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